My Goodness Its been a crazy 18 days of my 30day kindness challenge

The story of 1500 handwritten notes and the 30day challenge.

To kick off 5Acts a day, I set myself a challenge to lovingly hand write 1000 kind notes as part of my random acts of kindness. I am please to announce that its day 18 of the challenge and I have written and delivered 1500 kind notes. I am very proud of my commitment to the challenge. 

I have travelled to London, Brighton, Devon, Oxford, Birmingham, Bath, Bristol and other places.

Its been amazing sacrificing sleep, TV and loads more just to hit my target. I can honestly say I have LOVED every moment! I can't remember the last time I was this driven and passionate about something.

The wonderful response I have received from the public has been fuel thats kept me going. Thank you everyone for your kind messages on Twitter and Instagram.

I have so much more to share but for now I just wanted to touch base and tell you that everything is going great. I am so blessed to have been able to touch so many people's lives in such a short space of time. I think that's must be a world record.

300 kind notes ready to go to their new homes.

300 kind notes ready to go to their new homes.


I am busy preparing to launch the kindness challenge to the public worldwide, I have had so many people ask how they can get involved, where they can get the stickers from and if there is going to be a good cause bracelet so we can identity other kind people. 

I am working my pants of to get The Kindness challenge started and to provide things that you kind people want, watch this space for details. Sign up above and be the first to know details of the launch date and when things like stickers will be available.


Please add any comments and suggestions below.