Coming soon - Progress update

So, where are we now? 

We are having fun and working our socks off lovingly developing the 5 Acts A Day brand. The wheels are in motion. Currently we are soulfully branding 5 acts a day. Joana Galvao is doing an amazing job developing the website, we are looking to be finished by mid June.

We are also working on some beautiful graphics and stickers so that people can leave a sticker or card behind once they have done a Random Act of Kindness. The person receiving it can then pass on the good deed and keep the chain going. 


Just to wet your taste buds here is a sample of the stickers.

purple sticker
orange sticker
Light Blue sticker
yellow sticker
pink sticker
Green sticker


Could Kindness and compassion be the new world currency? 

What do you think? 

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