Dare to dream

Can a dream ever be too big?

Back in the dark ages people thought the earth was flat, one step too many and you were sure to tumble off its edge. As for flying, come on quit dreaming now! You have to thank the pioneers of old who dusted the ridicule off their shouldersplugged away at their dreams and proved that anything is possible.

 Can you imagine

 If the Wright brothers hadn’t been the brave souls they were, we’d probably still be struck with fear, gazing at the clouds and refusing to take that extra step in case we toppled over the Earth’s precipice. Sounds ridiculous, right?

dream BIG

 So if I proposed to you that we could achieve world peace through 5 random act of kindness a day, what would you say? A ridiculous dreamer?

 Youre still reading this so I know you’ve got the dreamer mentality too, you perfectly fabulous daredevil of a visionary you!

 Join the kindness revolution

If we all dreamed together, can you imagine the joyous possibilities ahead? Be part of this revolution of kindness. Go ahead and push the boat out and pledge to do 5 random acts of kindness a day. It's wonderful having dreams, but the awesomeness is in making them come true.

 Research has proven that acts of kindness pay people the ultimate wage, longer and happier stress-reduced lives. Who would’ve thought it, hey?

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Stay happy and blessed