New York - Random Acts of kindness Tour 8th - 12th Sept 2014

New York New York

I kicked the 21 day 5 acts a day kindness tour in New York. It was an amazing journey filled with love and kindness for strangers I meet along the way. I learnt a lot about life and myself on this self funded journey. The cities I visited are 

New York

Toronto in Canada



San Diego

Los Angeles

San Francisco


Washington DC

I finished off the tour in London, where I left some kind notes for passengers travelling through Heathrow airport.

Ground Zero 9/11

Prayers at the reflection pools at Ground Zero

Prayers at the reflection pools at Ground Zero

It was a humbling experience to meet and talk to some of the families of the victims of 9/11. Everyone I meet loved the concept of 5 Acts a day, especially the philosophy behind our message "Change starts with me"


For more pictures of the New York Kindness Trip please follow the link below.