Help us spread more happiness by donating to our kind acts fund.

Your donation will fund all kinds awesome acts of kindness, helps us make someone's day special, just because!

In the month of September, I  travelled on a self funded 21 day kindness trip to Canada, Bahamas, New York for 9/11  then Miami, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Washington DC.

This was an epic kindness journey motivated by spreading as my love and kindness as possible. I struggled through jet lag, tiredness from moving to a new city every 2 days, loneliness at times, wrestled with self doubt, worries about money and missed my young kids and husband terribly. 

People loved my mission and the message of 5 acts a day, imagine if we all did 5 kind acts to strangers everyday! What a wonderful world this will be.

The purpose of this donation page is to help me carry on doing as much good as possible. I wish if my love for fellow human beings paid the costs involved but it doesn't, so I am appealing to you to offer me a helping hand to carry on spreading as much good in this world as possible.

Plans are already in the pipeline for the next random acts kindness tour, with your help this tour can happen sooner.

To see what the last kindness tour was like please read our blog 

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