Day 4 of #100kindacts challenge #5actsaday

List your talents

What are your gifts?

Each and everyone of possess special talents. Whilst writing your list think out side of the box. Think what you love doing and you can do that thing over and over and over again and still love doing that thing. That's a clue to your talents.

If money didn't matter what would you spend your time doing? painting, singing, dancing, public speaking, teaching, inspiring, writing, creating, tinkering? What do you really love doing.

Once you have made your list, see if you can think of ways of using these talents! Remember what you love and enjoy doing is not random or silly it's something that you were blessed with to share with this world! Please share your talents. Don't deprive the world of your TRUE awesomeness.

Don't be afraid, use these talents! From a young age I have always had a natural ability to read people and see through them. The sadness and pain that seemed hiding from everyone else, was plain for me to see. I was talented to be able to touch people in ways that seem weird,I was able to say the right thing at the right time, a look, a touch or smile helped people. As I grow up I notice that more people were in need of simple human connections or just needed someone to slip a #kindnote in their bag to say it's going to be alright!

This is how #5actsaday has evolved to what it is today. For a long time before I choose to embrace my natural abilities, I thought these abilities were silly. Don't make the same mistake by wasting years of sharing your natural gifts and talents. Don't be blinded by thinking that talents that count are only those that bring money or fame. A talent is a talent, use it!

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