Day 26 of #100kindacts challenge #5actsaday

Write a love letter to your partner or a loved one

When you have been in a relationship with your partner for a while, the sweet little things you used to do for each other when you were dating stop or are far and few in between.

Today is about restoring that spark in your relationship. Your partner might annoy you, they might not look as cute as they did when you first started dating. You are still with them and you are with them for a reason.

Deep down the love that goes unexpressed is still there! Today it's time to bring it out. Look back over the years of what you've been through and tell your partner what you love about them, don't be scared if there is a thing or 2 you want to get off you chest, now is your chance.

Lovingly compose any criticism, maybe even point out your own flaws and promise to do better. Just speak from the heart!

At first glance this challenge might have looked easy! But it's a challenge and we are try to build stronger relationships, create tighter family bonds, work on ourselves so we can be at peace in our hearts and in our homes. When we are at peace, we are happier and being kind and compassionate to strangers will come naturally. The more you are happy on the inside the more you want to see others glowing and happier. Take precious time to write your love letters. Afterward you will feel amazing! Share you thoughts and comment below