Day 2 of #100kindacts challenge #5actsaday

#Day2 #100kindacts

 Leave flowers, chocolate or a gift on a random door step

Give someone a nice little surprise! Get creative and have fun with this challenge. Don't forget to leave a note explaining that this is a random act of kindness and most importantly remember to #5actsaday that why if the receiver of your gift wants to find out more about this challenge they have a reference point.

If you can, take a picture and share your kind acts on twitter, Facebook or instagram #5actsaday so we can all see what you are up to!

ave loads fun spreading love and kindness in the world! The world desparetely need more kind, caring people like you.

Finally for tomorrow's challenge we are going to be leaving #kindnotes in public places. This is a heads up so you can get writing today and be ready tomorrow, to sprinkle some love and motivation through your beautiful kind words.

Have a wonderful blessed day.

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