Day 12 of #100kindacts challenge #5actsaday

Say sorry even if it wasn't your fault

Sometimes things happen in life and we feel wronged by someone. They might think they were right and you might feel you were right! Either way, for this challenge I want you to think of people you are angry with and I want you to say sorry to them.

Ok, I will make it easier for you, You can go to a mirror and as if you are speaking to that person, explain your point of view and why you think you are right but then just say "although I think I am right, I deserve peace in my heart and I would like to say sorry, let's put the past behind us and learn from it"

Breath and let go!

I promise you that, If you sincerely do this exercise! You will really be surprised at the weight that can be lifted off your shoulders just talking to a mirror.

Same times in life we just have to learn to accept apologies we might never receive. Don't waste your time on grudges or anger! Be at peace in your heart, you deserve that.


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