Day 21 of the #Kindnesschallenge

Day 21 Challenge 5 

Write yourself a LOVE letter 

This is our last #kindnesschallenge together. Remember we started working on this challenge yesterday. Last night you to deeply dwell on this challenge before bed.

You thought of all the amazing attributes you have, maybe some you discovered as you did the kindness challenge.

Today take some time through out the day to write yourself the most beautiful love letter, you have ever written! Think of all the amazing, brilliant parts to you, write this down.

Then whenever you are feeling down, read this letter and remind yourself to shine like the amazing star that you are!

You were born to be brilliant, You were born to dazzle and mesmerise. Shine baby Shine! Give yourself permission to be the amazing being that YOU are! 

Push yourself to believe in your brilliance!

It's been amazing doing this challenge with you. I have loved every moment and Thank you for trusting me to take you through this kindness challenge.

There is a #100kindacts challenge starting today, which is a lot easier than the 21 day challenge. It's an introduction for people new to random acts of kindness. I will be posting only 1 kind challenge everyday and you can top up with your own acts of kindness. I would really appreciate your company.


Peace, love and good karma to you.