Day 1 of the #Kindnesschallenge #5actsaday

Welcome to the #kindnesschallenge

I can't possible express my gratitude towards your support. Thank you so much for being here with me. Lets create amazing experience, one that we would want to repeat again and again.

So, lets kick things off and get started. Everyday for the next 21days, challenges for the day will be posted here. Do as many of the 5 as you can, I must stress that these 5 challenges are just guidelines. You are welcome to do any kind of random acts of kindness, please share what you get up to with very one by #5actsaday and #kindnesschallenge 

The purpose of all this is to take part and make kind acts a part of your everyday life. Make doing #randomactsofkindness apart of who you are.

Once you have done you kind acts, please take pictures and share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook #5actsaday that way we can all see what everyone is up to and cheer them on. Offer kind words and encouragement to others, bring love and compassion to this wonderful group.

Once again, Thank you for taking part

Please leave a comment below of what you think of these challenges. Introduce yourself and share your stories, don't be shy x