5 kindness challenges for Thanks Giving Day

Happy Thanks giving

Happy Thank Giving to our American family, happy thanks giving day. Since it's a day of giving thanks, today you have 5 kindness challenges to make this day extra special.

The first challenge is to let your hair down and have some fun with the family and friends. Dance, sing and be silly with the family because this is what builds strong bonds between us. Loosen up and enjoy yourself today.

The first challenge less nicely into the next challenge which is to be present in the moment. The only time we truly have is now! Like they say yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery so enjoy the present.

Remember to Say I love you as this is our third kindness challenge of the day.

As the day ends try and write a gratitude list of all the this you are thankful for and finally write some nice notes to put out in public places, perhaps you are out shopping on black Friday, use this time to put your handwritten notes up for strangers to enjoy.

Finally enjoy your day and happy thanks giving day.