Week 1 - Self Love

100 Kind Days - Love yourself deeply

To kick off the 100 kind days, we are going to be creating a good foundation for the challenge by preparing ourselves mentally and physically though self-care and self-love.

To prepare yourself for the challenges, you can see a preview of all the challenges a week ahead. Each day we will elaborate more on each challenge here and on all our social media channels.

You can start the 100 Kind Days Challenge at anytime. Just start from Day 1 and work your way through the challenges - Good luck

Day 1

100 kind days - Reflect

Congratulate Yourself

Day 1 - Reflect back on 2015 & congratulate yourself on ALL your achievements BIG & small

The 1st week of the kindness challenge is all about YOU being kind to yourself!

Keep a diary and track your progress. Remember sharing is caring, so share your stories each day as we go through the 100 Kind Days challenge. Invite your friends to get involved too, the more the merrier.

Next week it's all about Kindness in the home

Day 2

100 kind days - Be Kind to  yourself

Take Naps and Laugh Regularly

Day 2 - Be Kind to yourself, laugh, take a nap, rest and de-stress. Be at peace in your heart

When you feel good about yourself you want to do good for other, so take time out to be good to yourself

Happy Self-Love week

Day 3

100 kind days - Self Appreciation

Self Appreciation Day

Day 3 - Today write 10 things you love & appreciate about yourself. Keep the list in your purse or by your dresser. Every time you are feeling down - read this list out loud slowly & purposefully to yourself in the mirror.

This exercise is one of the best ways to uplift your spirit. Happy self appreciation day

Day 4

100 kind days - Smile more


Day 4 - your mission is to smile.

Many people are going back to work today. Studies show that many people feel depressed in the morning on the way to work or school. 

Be a ray of sunshine and brighten up lots of people's day today. We all have the power to uplift each other through simply gestures like smiling.

Day 5

100 Kind days - Your Life is your message to the world

Is Your Life Inspiring?


Day 5 of the 100 Kind days challenge - Your life is your message to the world! Make sure it's inspiring.

Today take a good look at your life, is it inspiring people around you?

Remember by doing what you love - You inspire and reignite the fire & passion in others. There is no need to be perfect, let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections.

Day 6

100 kind days - Be kind to your soul

Feel Alive

The things you love and gravitate towards are not accidental or random, they are our calling, our soul's wish . 

Be kind to yourself and be gentle with your soul. TODAY get deep and honest with yourself, if money didn't matter - what would you be doing with your life?

Remember to LIVE whilst you are busy making a living.

Day 7

100 Kind days challenge - Forgive

Forgive You Deserve Peace

Forgiveness is a gift we give to ourselves. Holding on to grudges and resentment does a lot of damage to yourselves than it does to the person who hurt you.

Take gentle steps to letting go of the weight, you are carrying around in your heart, mind and soul. Forgiveness won't happen overnight but you will know that you are free of the hurt caused when the memories don't cause you anymore pain.

Just let it go.................... so you can be FREE

Forgiveness doesn't excuse their behavior - Forgiveness prevents their behavior from destroying your heart.


Be Kind to yourself

 Be mindful how you talk to yourself - About yourself!

Always remember to be gentle and loving to yourself,  to give love and kindness to the world you must love & be kind to yourself first, because you can not give what your haven't go.